Saturday, 17 December 2016


Hark the drink, driving PSAs, glory to, the new experience...

OK, bad puns aside, and knowing what Canadian police are known for doing on Twitter around the holidays, I'd like to make my own message.

Yesterday my dad said to me that it was OK if I tried some wine (and likely a suitable dose of any other type of alcoholic beverage). I said not then. A few months ago he also told me that if I ever felt drunk/tired and needed to get home, he/mom would get me a ride home somehow no judgement. After doing a final round of research, I decided on doing it today this evening.

I have felt incredibly torn on this for months. I purchased wine for my dad in Brussels a few months ago but I never asked or received any there. I've had conversations with the Ranty Highwayman guy, Mark (not to be confused with Mark Treasure or Mark Wagenbuur) about alcohol given how public he is about his love of it (not to be confused with a dependence on it). I decided at last to take it. I filled a plastic bottle with 300 mL of 12.5% alcohol, and given that I'm a male, given my weight, that amount is acceptable under Canada's Low Risk Alcohol Guidelines. If you're reading mom and didn't notice dad telling me this, you can go ask him.

My original plan was to get Mario Kart loaded up into my family's Wii U and play that while at the predicted .05% BAC, which is likely given the mL and my kilograms. Instead, I vomited (seriously adults and Catholics, how do you stand this? The first sip was incredibly hard to get down and I am feeling a bit nauseous. At least it should deal with the potential desire to do this again without control), it tasted so bad. I cleaned up the mess on my own before it took effect. The effects guidelines I forgot probably have tolerance factored in, which probably explains why I feel so much more sauced than I expected from just 300 mL. 

So I didn't remember to do the Mario Kart thing, but spoiler alert, if you vomit when you're intoxicated, it should be a rather big wake up call that it is unwise to drive. For one you might erode the paint on the car, for another and much more important reason, you might crash and nobody wants that, the police and hospitals see far too many cases of it.

I recognize that other drugs will also alter your capacity for driving but given their illegal nature, I am not in the mood for doing something illegal even though I know that Canada has a YCJ Act in place, and B, they are unregulated and there's a fentanyl and scarily carfentanyl (20 2 L pop bottles of this can kill the entire US, so that's comforting) crisis, and knowing what dealers cut even marijuana with at least until it's regulated in Canada, and also because it's not recognized as a good idea for young people, it's not on my list of things to show you readers via Mario Kart videos. I trust the quality of alcohol and it is reasonably safe in moderation which I adhered to so long as you don't drive, which I didn't, and it's unlikely to cause addiction given the quality of life and social bonds I have (heard of the Rat Park Experiment?). It's you're choice what drugs you take in, not even 1984's society could control it nor can prisons, but I'm not in the mood for spacing out seeing centipedes on my arm for 12 hours or feeling like my heart's going to explode. 

So I hope that I've at least I've made a message about drunk driving and done a decent PSA, Merry Christmas (no judgement if you want to chose what faith or lack of faith you have, it's not my life to regulate) everyone and see you in 2017. 

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